Racing Team

we are not a team because we work together,
we are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.

Why join DML Motorsport, direct contact with the Alonso Kart factory, part of the Kart Republic family for the best advice on your product. Exclusive equipment for mini X30.

Aventus Power mini X30 Waterswift engines exclusive in Spain with engines that in 2022 and 2023 were up in the CEK, CKCV, FAA and the IAME Euro Series.

DML Motorsport is a team with limited places, with a maximum of 6 drivers, we go for the highest quality, our philosophy is to give the best possible quality and attention to our drivers. Our team is to provide the full service, from registrations till the podium, we are a team and we work as a team. The drivers, mechanics, data operator and management are one!

Arriving together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success, that’s what a

team is about!









In 2021 American born Winston Kamperin, entered his first full racing season, participating in CEK academy and the Andalucian championship in mini.

With D.M.L. Motorsport he has achieved pole position in the Spanish championship. Fast laps in races and reached the podium.

Nilas, born in Copenhagen, has been living in Spain for the last  years and he start racing in 2021 was his first year in the Academy category, he’s successfully completed the Spanish championship and had 2 podiums in the Andalucian Cup.

With D.M.L. Motorsport has reached the podium.

The British Archie Lovatt, 10 years old, came in the bambinos in September 2019 with 7 years old, he started cadet April 2020 at 8 years old but didn’t get out until June 2020 due COVID. In 2021 he raced LGM and British championships with SPR.
We from D.M.L. Motorsport are pleased that we had this young man in our team for the Hivern cup and win it!

The half Spanish half dutch Daniel Miron Lorente born sept. 2013, he started racing at 5 years old in the bambino, with only 6 years old he was one of the top runners in the Super one series against 7 and 8 year olds, with many final wins. With 7 he moved up to the mini and had time to get a lot of experience. He  raced in 2022 his first Iame Euro Series with Fusion Motorsport. 

With D.M.L. Motorsport has achieved 2022 CKCV Champion, 2022 Le Cont Trophy Champion, 2023 CEK Champion and 2023 CKCV Champion.